Kings and Kingdoms

Promotion of Joseph King's Tabernacle King's Crown
Incense Altar Table of the King Candlesticks King's Temple
King's Mercy Seat High Priest Garments King's Targets King's Shields
King's Girdle King's Golden Vials King's Footstool King's City
King's Throne King's Golden Reed Drinking Vessels King's Sceptre
Royal Daughters King's Witnesses King's Gifts  


Trumpets of Silver
Gift to Benjamin
Redemptive price of children of Israel Abraham's gifts to Rebekah
Value of price of a servant  



Bezaleel and Hiram Fetters of Brass Brass Couplings Pillars of Brass
Brass Laver Brazen Altar Brazen Censers Brazen Serpent
Vessels of Brass


Egypt as the iron furnace and house of bondage
Iron nails used in the doors and gates of the house
Christ rules with a rod of iron Rome the iron kingdom.
Iron and the crucifixion of Christ Chariots of iron Goliath and iron.