“I don’t understand.  You say that before you arrived on island, tribe, my people, all were protected by your God’s grace.  Each of us would die and live forever with your God.”


“Yes – God has a special dispensation of grace – since he only holds one accountable for what they know – he’s a very loving God you see Otootwo.  Because you had never heard the gospel – the good news of salvation, he would have taken that into consideration and saved you forever.  You indeed would have lived with him in heaven.  He’s a very gracious God.”


“Otootwo confused Brother Ernie.  Now you have preached your gospel to us.  And you speak of this place called Hell.”


“Ahh, hell.  Indeed Brother Otootwo, if indeed I can one day call you Brother.  Hell is the place of everlasting punishment where all who do not accept God – and his son – will go when they die.  In other words Otootwo, those who do not believe the gospel are doomed to Hell.”


“But what if I don’t believe in Hell?  What if Otootwo don’t think place you describe exists?”


“Well, unfortunately Otootwo, by not believing in Hell, you have rejected the gospel which speaks clearly of such a place.  And by not believing, you have condemned yourself to this hell for all eternity.”


“My disbelief of your story has doomed me to a place forever which I don’t believe exists?”


“Sadly, yes.”


“Otootwo not smart, but understand that logic not work.”


“Well, it’s one of the mysteries of the gospel Otootwo.  That’s why I came to your deserted island.  God cannot save you unless someone comes and brings you the good news.”


“That doesn’t sound like good news to me.  You bring me nothing but bad news.”


“Oh no not at all.  God loves you and wants you to live in heaven with him, but he’s done all he could.  Now it’s up to you.  You must believe the gospel and repent.”


“What if Otootwo not believe the gospel?”


“Then I’m afraid God will send you to hell.”


“Same hell Otootwo not believe in?”


“The very same.  You see Otootwo, it’s like this.  It’s all tied up.  God has a vote to save you. The devil has a vote to condemn you.  You cast the deciding vote. Two votes wins.  Do you vote with God or with Satan?”


“What happen if Otootwo no vote?”


“Then I’m afraid Satan wins.  Otootwo will spend eternity in hell.”


“That not fair.”


“It doesn’t seem fair, but it is.”


“Otootwo no vote, Satan wins.  Satan vote worth more?”


“No no Otootwo, we must never say that.  It’s God that sends you to hell for your rejection of the gospel, for your disbelief.”




“That’s why God send me here Otootwo.  To save you for eternal heaven.  He’s done all he can do.  Now it’s up to you to decide.”


“God needs my help to save me from your hell?”


“From hell, yes.”


“God no can save me without my help?”


“That’s true.  But your part is easy.  You must believe.”


“Believe or God sends me to Hell?”




“Then Otootwo understand.  Now ready to vote.”




“Otootwo vote No.”


“No to Hell?”


“No.  No to both.  Otootwo stay here.”


“But Otootwo, if you vote no, then Satan gets you by default.”


“No.  You say Satan vote not stronger.  God sends me to hell by my refusal.”


“Yes, that’s right.”


“But God not strong enough to save me without my help.  Then he’s not strong enough to send Otootow to hell.  Otootwo stay right here.”


“Well, Otootwo, it doesn’t work that way.  You’ve heard the gospel plainly, and you rejected, so you are hell bound.”


“Brother Ernie – you bring great danger to this island and call it gospel.  You said we were going to live in heaven with God forever until you got here and taught us about hell.  Now because we don’t believe in this place called hell, we are all going there.  We were going to heaven before you came.  Now, quit splashing or water will not boil!”