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A Look at Salvation and Some Difficult Scriptures-

Does the World the World teaches mean "world?"

Who are the Children of God?

Salvation John 3:16 - Called of God
The Impossibility of Eternal Salvation The Sinner's Prayer
God So Loved the World Who Then Can Be Saved? Matt 19:25
A Closer Look at John 3:16 Is Belief Necessary to the New Birth?
Who's Behind the Difficulty in Salvation? Will God Have All Men to Be Saved 1 Tim 2:4?
Not Willing That Any Should Perish 2 Peter 3:9 Works Won't Work for Me
Vote Early and Often Who's Ultimately Responsible for Eternal Life?
Are you Saved by the Gospel in 2 Th 2:14? Saved and Saved Again
Gospel Preached to the Dead?  1 Pe 4:5-6  
The Purpose of the Gospel and Preaching, Rightly Dividing, The Great Commission, Scriptures


Faster than the Speeding Gospel

Roman Road

Repaving the Roman Road

Glorious Preaching of the Gospel

The Man Glory Doctrine and 1 Pet 1:25

Foolish Preaching

Head Out of Tune with the Heart - Gospel Purpose

The Purpose of the Gospel 2 Ti 1:10 The Purpose of the Gospel Part 2
Purpose of the Gospel 1 Cor 4:15 Counterfeit Gospel

The Curse of Preaching

Generic Gospel - 2 Co 2:14

Any Other Gospel?

Mystery of the Gospel 1 Tim 3:16

Why Preach?

People the Gospel Can't Reach

If Our Gospel Be Hidden  2 Co 4:3-4

Limited Window for the Gospel

Gospel Power to Save

How Many Times Can I Hear and Reject the Gospel?

Gospel Waters - Begotten of the Gospel

The Gospel Pyramid Scheme

Gospel Work Order

Can't See the Gospel of Christ from Here...

Flesh and Blood Play No Part How's Your Reception?

Wasted Scriptures - Heareth Not?

Truth Can Withstand the Most Intense Scrutiny

Conversation with a Cannibal

Sow What?  100,60, 30 Fold in Matthew 13

Preaching Where No Man's Gone Before  Acts 18:9 

Where Do the Indecisive Go?

This Means War

The Great Commission

Street Preachers Dilemma Back on the Street

Street Preacher Pleasing God

Home in Heaven

Commission or Command?  Acts 26:12

Scared into Heaven

Does it Matter Which Version?

Old Words, Old Meanings - Begotten

The World's Greatest Preacher

Slow of Heart - The Road to Emmaus Luk 24:25

Calvin Takes His Gospel Medicine

Good News, Bad News

Instruction at the Tomb of Lazarus

Foolishness or Stumbling Block? 1 Co 1:23

A Piece of My Mind  1 Co 2:14

Awkward Position
Impact of 2 Gospels A Maze ing Grace
A System of Bondage Faith on Delivery Rom  10:17 Gal 3:2
True Preaching - Sufficiency Author's Intent - The Poem

An Experiment in Absurdities


Regeneration, the New Birth, Born Again, Eternal Life, Effectual Calling, Quickening

Born Again - Is a Sinner Commanded to do this?

New Birth

Is There a Spiritual Spark in Man?

Let's Get a Brand New Heart!

Heart and Soul - A Closer Look at the New Birth

Activating Eternal Life in 3, 2, 1

Whose Will is Employed in Birth?  John 1:13

Instructions for Believing

Life Precedes Action

Accepting the Gift of Eternal Life

The Struggle is Real

Regeneration - Quickened

Some Things Dead Men Can't Do

Relationship Between Belief and New Birth

Drawn by the Power of God - Effectual Calling

Proof of Life

For Whom He Did Foreknow

The Love of God is Shed Abroad

From Nature to Grace - A Change is Gonna Come

Who Hears Gospel Preaching?  1 Jo 4:6

The Spirit Quickeneth

What Happens at the New Birth?

Free Will in Eternal Salvation

Calling the Brethren - 1 Cor 1:26

Ye Will Not Come

Conditions for Eternal Life

When Exactly Does Obedience Factor in?

Instant Vocal Regeneration

The Cart Before the Horse

Did You Hear That?  John 5:24

Makes Sense - John 5:25

Life Giving Voice

John 3:7 Marvel Not

Spiritual Circumcision of the Heart

Thunder - The Voice of God

Taking Up His Abode

Hard Hearted Disciples Why Does This Baby Cry?
What About the Fact That... Born of God

The Seed of Christ

Who Can Really Know the Heart?

Grace. Election, Lamb's Book of Life - How is the Sinner Saved?

Not Based on Works - The Election of God

Is the Doctrine of Election Fair?

Do all things work together for good?

Election in Scripture

Deserving of Eternal Salvation

One Offering, One Sacrifice Heb 10

Spoiler Alert...About that Book

Lamb's Book of Life

Vessels Fitted for Destruction - Jacob, Esau

The Limited Atonement  John 17  Acts 2:39

He Knows The Names

Will He be surprised at their response?  2Tim2:19

Universalism - All, Every, World

In and Out of the Book of Life

The Lord Knoweth Them

Vessels of Honor - Elect on What Basis?

Tough Questions for the Free Will Faction

Romans 8:29 Foreknowledge of God

Two Types of People

Self-Willed Salvation

He Shall Save His People

Taking Reservations for Eternity

Because You are Not of God John 8:47 Rom 10:14

Choosing our Parents - Adoption Eph 1:5

Proving Too Much  -   Free Will?

Power Over All Flesh

How the Religious World views election.

How Many is As Many?  Isa 53:11

In My Flesh Dwelleth No Good Thing Romans 7:18

Saved by Grace Alone
God's Eternal Purpose Come on Down Zacchaeus
I Chose You Because I Saw You Accepted Me The Atonement Quandary

Jesus Saves(d)

Why Grumble?
Who Moves First in Chess? Contradictions
Christian Mousetrap All the Elect Raised
Accepted in the Beloved All Shall John 6:37
A True Common Salvation - No Difference  

Church, Worship, Prayer and Christian Living


The Key Ingredient to Worship

Purposeful Gifts

Sleeping in on Sunday Morning

Looking for a Better Excuse

Sunday School History - Video

The Dangers of Isolation - When Fellowship Fails

Spirit and Truth - Anyone Can Do That

Concerts, Pizza, Cupcakes, Special Comic Speaker!

Musical Instruments in Worship

Strait Gate, Narrow Way

Caring for the Bride

Robbing God

Romans 8:31 If God be for us

Replacing the Foundational Bricks

The Church of Uncertain

High Tech Worship - the Agents of Change Pro 24:21

You Call That a Church?

Man's Ideal Church

People Want Different Things in a Church

Priorities - Jonah 2:8

Knowing the Doctrine John 7:17

Upon this Rock... Casarea Philippi

The Thousand Year Reign - a Detailed Look
Employment Covenant First Called Christians?
Preacher Worship? 33.000 Christian Denominations
No Place to Quit Ten Righteous Men
The Christians' New Clothes Hard Shall Baptist?

What Does Fasting Mean in Today's Society?

Fasting - A Personal Experience

The Shepherd Deserves a Nap A Good Warfare
A Sad Decline - the Power of Prayer Ye Shall NOT Surely Die
In Spirit AND In Truth Show Him a Better House
The Lord Perpetuates the Church Resistance to the Doctrines of Grace

Baptism, Communion - Church Ordinances

Sheep, Goats, Fruit



Mark 16:16 - Options

Sheep and Goats - A different Life.

Taking the Lord's Name in Vain

Good Fruit, Evil Fruit

Subject, Subjected.

Fruit of the Spirit

Grape Juice or Wine?

Wandering Sheep

Baptism Mode

Not a Baaaaddd Illustration

Is Born of Water Water Baptism?

These Don't Desire Rest

Washing the Saints Feet

Passing Under the Rod - Psalms 23

Confirming, Changing, Redeeming - One Shoe

Examining the Flock  Matthew 25

Deacon Blues

Wisdom From a Watermelon
2 Cor 6:14 Unequally Yoked Communion - Showing His Death

Is Baptism Necessary for Eternal Life?


Faith, Doctrine & Mysteries

Finding Faith - Next Contestant Please The Faith of God  Romans 3
Saved by Grace, but Whose Faith? Power of the Potter - Saving Faith of God
For therein is the righteousness... All Men Have Not Faith  2 Thess 3:2
Walking by Faith From Faith to Faith Romans 1:17

Freewill vs Predestination

Predestination in Scripture
It Matters What we Believe

Why Men Rob Banks


Salvation, Eternal, Timely, Knowledge

Does God Play Games with Eternal Life? God's People Cannot Be Lost

A Better Way of Eternal Salvation - God's Way

Lost, Found? Safe and Sound

The Internal Struggle Against Daily Sin

Can Man Save Himself?  Mystery of Salvation

Sliding Scale of Salvation

Which Version?  Why the King James?

The Limited Atoning Work of Jesus

What Happens on Earth, Stays on Earth - A Paradox

Join the Resistance

Ye Might Have Life

No Man Can Come to Christ?  John 6:44

Quick Quiz - Are You Prepared for Eternity?

Are You Saved and From What?

Unfinished Work? Eternal Salvation at Stake.

Let's Make a Deal

Wheel! of! Salvation!

Salvation - America's Favorite Game

Jeopardy, Double Jeopardy

Walk in the Spirit

Sylly Logic Allows Facts in the Way

When the Timing is Just Right

Syllogism, Book 2

Crucial to Rightly Dividing

Workmanship in Christ - A Good Work

Flesh and Blood - It Can Reveal Truth, Can't It?

Can't Do Tax Forms, But Salvation's a Breeze

If ye then be risen with Christ Col 3:1

Grammar Time - The Pronoun HIS

Two Salvations

System Failure - Are Any Saved?

The New Birth is Pointless  (Under their system)

Can you Make an Eternal Mistake?

1 Peter 1:2 What Peter Meant to Say...

In Other Words - Gospel Purpose

Is it Eternal Life or Not?  Can we Lose it?


Once Saved, Always Saved?

Which Weighs More? A Pound of Feathers...

Because we love the brethren...

Good Morning Mr. Phelps
O Wretched Man - Romans 7 Supplanting Authority - Who's the Spiritual Head?
Did Christ Die for All Sins of All Men? Preservation  John 6:37

Salvation by Grace

Modern Horror Story
Eternal Life Cannot Be Lost An Impossible Situation
New Tech Salvation A Heavenly Host
The Lord Knows Already  

The Nature and Works of God

Did God Know His Plan of Salvation Would Fail?

The Sands of Time

Is Anything Too Hard for the Lord?

A Loving God Would Never Judge or Condemn

The Justice of God

The Names of God

7 Things God Cannot Do

The Work of the Creator

God is a God of Purpose

What's in a Name?

My Jesus or Your Jesus?

Does God Hate?

The Power of Love

Reconciliation to a Just and Holy God

The Physical Appearance of Jesus

Layers and Layers of Protection

Is There Unrighteousness with God?

Power in Salvation

God Painted a Masterpiece

Doctrinal Hurdles

153 Great Fish in John 21

Conclusions Regarding the Holy Ghost

The Sufferings of Christ 1 Peter 3:18

How Does God See Us?
Regarding Justification The Duration of God's Love
God Cannot Lie An Immutable God
God Shows His Mercy The Twins

God's Work First

The Will is In Force and Active Time is on My Side
An Unchangeable Will and Testament What's in a Name - The Missing J
Building a Better TULIP The Lord God Omnipotent Reigneth

Peter, Paul and Some Random Acts...

Blinded by the Light

Endure All Things  2 Tim 2:10

Saul to Paul, A Clean Slate

Saul, Paul Name Change

Lessons from Cornelius

Tongues?  I'm Saying Take Another Look

The Blessings of Shipwreck

Peter's Sound Sleep

No Good in the Flesh

Handwriting on the Cross

Who Founded the Church in Rome?  Peter?

Preaching to the Spirits in Prison

Did Paul Die From a Stoning?

Godly Sorrow in 2 Co 7:10

Acts 5:34-39  If This Action Be of Men...

Paul's Preaching Appointment Cancelled

Damascus Road Experience

What if Peter hadn't gone preaching in Acts 10?

Luke Writing from Inside History How Shall We Escape? Heb 2:3

The Theme of Romans in One Graphic


Kingdom of God and Courtroom

Natural Israel, Spiritual Israel

The Kingdom of God - When?  Where?

The Kingdom of God - A Spiritual Dominion

Waiting on a Kingdom

Identifying the Temple

Earthly Headquarters

Christians Must Stand With Israel?

Courtroom in the Heart and Mind

The Israel of God - Paul's Unanswered Prayer

The Church Kingdom

The Third Temple Effort in Palestine

Did Jesus Waste His Time?

Where Does the Time Go?  The 70th Week of Daniel
Summons to the Royal Courtroom Is There Possibly a Cure?
Daily Court Appearance

Vote Scofield/Darby for the 21st Century

John the Baptist A Bill of Divorcement - Israel Left Behind
Conflicting Positions  
Ten Reasons Primitive Baptists are Not Calvinists Amazing Works
The Christ of Arminianism The Deceiving Beauty of Universal Salvation

Gnosticism - Logic or Miracle

Your Karma ran over my Dogma

Despiteful Christians Internet Version Fine Line Between Truth and Error
Hyper-Calvinism - No Thank You. Arminian Grace
Opposing Themselves An Acronymic Religion - WWJD?  COFFEE
Paper Thin Theology - God Loves Everyone  

A Look at the Old Testament

Holding up the Arms

Exodus Take Two - Out of Bondage

Tell Pharaoh Thusly

A Giant Prophecy

The Authority of Moses' Seat

None of the Wicked Shall Understand

Jewish Wedding

Working for a Wife


Noah - Facts About the Ark

12 or 24 - Let's Count Some Rocks, Shall We?

Oldest Book in the Bible?  Not so fast...

Respect of Persons, No Respect

Walking the Pieces with Abraham

Salt in Scripture - a Closer Look

Some Thoughts on Passover

Sin of Ham, Curse of Canaan

How Long was Jonah in the Whale?


New Testament Articles

Lawyers and the Good Samaritan

The Atonement and the Money Changers

Changes in the Thief Prisoner Set Free

Morning on Golgotha

Touch Me, Touch Me Not

Offender for a Word

Naked in the World

5 Porches in John Chapter 5

Waiting on Lazarus

Mystery on the Mount

Men as Trees, Walking

Ten Lepers

Unseen Hope Rom 8:24

Meekness Does Not Mean Weak

The Truth about Tithing

Did Jesus Die in Vain?

Outside Influence

An Unworkable Theology

Editing to Appease the World

Applying to be an Heir

Spot the Differences

Loose Him and Let Him Go

Prescription for Good Health

Birth Control to Major Tom...

Straight and Narrow

Make You Makers of Fish

The End of Marriage - A Silver Lining

Strangers to the World 1 John 3:1

Honey or Vinegar?

A National Day of Prayer - It's Time Again.

A Come to Jesus Meeting

Catch Me if You Can

Our Nation's Strength

Reaping What We Sow


666 - Numbers in Scripture

Heir Heir!

Favored Second

One More Coat will Cover This Nicely

Sounds right if you edit it.

False Teachers

Balancing Truth

The Chicken or the Egg?

Teen-Age Wasteland

Hungering and Thirsting - Who Does That?

A Promise is Never to a Stranger

My Relatives Think I'm Doomed...

The Gifts of God

Got Change for a Sinner?

60 Second Sermons

Enter into Rest

What Harm Can One Little Change Cause?

The Weaver

I Can't Help My Behavior - I was Born This Way!

The Great Debate from an 8th Grader

Who's to Blame for Gay Marriage?

Hear and Obey, for there's no other way...

The Truth Shall Make You Free

Ephesians 1:7 - A Blood Free Religion

Before Him in Love

No Will of His Own

I Will Work a Work Acts 13:38

Measuring Cups

It Takes a Thief Faith - In Advance Please
Confused Folks  Matthew 25 Hope is a Precious Gift

The Friend of Sinners

Reverential Affection

No Good to be Found Christ is Precious to Believers
A Level Salvation  

Spirit, Soul, Immortality, Essence of God? Hell and Judgment

Body, Soul, Spirit Before & After Regeneration

A Biblical Look at Hell and Judgment (Best Read in Order)

What Happens at the New Birth?

The Vengeance of Eternal Fire  Jude 1:7

What Happens at Death?

Are there People Suffering in Hell Right Now? Hell (1)

No Hell?

Hell and How Scripture Defines It  Hell (2)

Satan Knows His Time is Short

Extra-Biblical (1) - Reaching Beyond the Bible

Spiritual Death?

Extra-Biblical (2) Soul Searching

Know Your Enemy

Extra-Biblical (3)  The State of the Non Elect

The Unforgivable Sin -  Who Can Commit it?

Five Deaths Listed in Scripture

The Coming Antichrist

Death Has Rules
Is There a Secret Chamber Under the Earth? The Boiling Frog
The Rich Man and Lazarus Luke 16 
Introduction Part 1 Literal or Parable
Part 2 Identifying the Players    Spiritual Adultery Part 3  12 Tribes - The Scepter Departs Judah
Part 4  True Riches and the Church of God Part 5  A Certain Rich Man, A Beggar
Part 6  Abraham's Bosom Part 7  Back From the Abyss - Who are the Angels?
Part 8  The Rich Man in Hell Part 9  Have Mercy, Send Lazarus
Part 10  A Great Gulf Part 11  Identity of the Rich Man
Part 12  Lazarus the Evangelist Part 13 Lazarus, still being bossed around
Part 14 Reading with New Understanding  

Adam, Man, Nature, Depravity

Side by Side with the Nature of Adam

Adam's Fall and Total Depravity

Let's Talk, Man to Man

Meet Adam and Understand the Fall

Yea, Hath God Said? Adam's Family Values
Pet Doctrines - Adam, With Her A Visit to the Garden
Dual Nature of the Child of God And Such Were Some of You

Man without God



Discussing the World's Holidays

Emergency Repair Truck

Praying to Santa

Teaching New Converts How to Celebrate Christ Mass

Elf on the Shelf

Time to Pick a Tree

Counterfeiting God?  That's Just Silly.

Teach Your Children Well

I'll Just Leave This Here Without Comment.

Meanwhile, at the end of October

A Little Mocking of God is Okay

Let's Take the Pastel Colored Gloves Off, Shall We?  
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Time, Space, Earth and Cosmology

The Static Earth Website

The Most Controversial Subject You've Never Heard

Science vs Scripture - What are we to believe?

World Full of Lying Eyes

Dizzy Speeds  

The Coriolis Effect and Science Falsely So Called

The Shape of Things to Come Wake Up - You're Being Lied to - Personal Rant

Joshua's Long Day

The Jewish Fable in Joshua 10

Isaac Newton

Denying the Truth - United Nations View

NASA - Playing Us for Fools

UN Flag - There's Something Odd Going On

Moon Lasers Proof of Landing?

Does the Moon Reflect Sunlight?

Flat Out Lying The World That Then Was
An Ever Expanding Universe

Big Universe Makes You Insignificant



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